Amazon Echo/ Alexa Unboxing and Full Setup

Dec 05, 2017

Unboxing and setting up my new friend Alexa, the Amazon Echo. Short review and impressions. I brought extra Belkin Wemo light switches from eBay for only …


  1. Pechna

    What does it do if you just flat out buy the thing and don't make any other subscriptions or purchases? Can it play music from your phone? Can it tell jokes?…I just want it for the entertainment, not the light switches, weather and stuff like that. But I am kind of a donkey around things like these so someone please use some simple language so I can understand what can I do with plain amazon echo.

  2. Raziel Uchiha

    Mine says " you've connected to echo, go ahead and finish the settings in alexa app " and the alexa app keeps buffering, it doesn't send me to a settings window, just buffering lol. Tried it 100 times.

  3. Patsy Mellen

    I'm having a terrible time setting up my Amazon Echo. The app keeps freezing up. Mine did not come with a remote. Where can I pick up light switches to use with Alexa?

  4. R Venkat

    can somebody simply tell what this echo does. does it broacast music form mobile, computer or music system like a radio, cd player etc. such simple information is not available.

  5. Tony Skulitz

    got mine today I was as never came with the remote and to boot I am having problems with mine. I cant seem to get her to command to my voice

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