Amazon Fire Stick

Apr 12, 2017

The Amazon fire stick is the best solution to the google chrome cast as well as the Roku streaming Stick. It is a fire Television stick that combines many same features and uses them into an HDMI dongle. Thus, with Amazon fire stick, an individual can stream full HD content from various services which include BBC iplayer, Netflix as well as Amazon prime Instant Video. In addition, with Amazon fire stick, it is made possible to stream music and play any mobile game on the Amazon App store.

The Amazon fire stick has unique features which enable it to work effectively to meet the needs of many individuals. It has a dual-core Broadcom Capri @8155 CPU as well as a videoCore4 GPU and a 1 GB Ram which enables it to stream more easily and faster. In addition, it streams at 1080p HD and has 8 GB storage. The Amazon fire stick is usually remote controlled and has a dual-band Wi-fi antenna. It cost approximately £35.00.

The discount to Amazon Fire Stick is occasionally offered by Amazon because even if the full £35.00 cost is posted as retail price, the customer is fully considered as quality services are offered. Therefore, if an individual needs a streaming stick that effectively works and is hassle-free, then choosing Amazon fire stick is the best choice because it offers a lot of content even without signing up to Amazon Prime.

In conclusion, the Amazon fire stick has caused stripping down of some features from the fire TV box; making it smaller and more effective in its performance. Its price is the same as that of Chromecast but, it is very flexible in terms of content. The Amazon fire stick offers mobile gaming support which Roku stick cannot offer hence it becomes the best choice. It offers full satisfaction at home and office as it is faster and more effective.

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