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Mar 31, 2017

Shopping on Television channels like QVC, stands for “Quality Value Convenience” offer a huge benefit to household customers. For instance, Television offers the 3-dimensional preview of a product that a customer is interested in buying. Unlikely buying from the website it only shows an image that is most of the time enlarged or changes in sizes to hide its actual dimensions. Therefore, the first and most important feature is that on TV shopping channels, such as, on QVC it shows live features of the product with its size and usability to household users. The majority of the products sold on Telesales channels are household products or product that is being used by users on daily basis, like jewelry, necklace, watches, etc.

From a buyer perspective buying on TV provides a huge advantage as they see practical use and listen to product experts, (a person who is hosting the program). Another huge benefit is that immediate and limited discounts could be avail through Teleshopping. Especially, nowadays Groupon vouchers have added an extra value in terms of extra discounted vouchers, such as �Free Shopping from QVC Voucher Code’ that holds extra value for TV shoppers. Groupon is a well-known website affiliated with numbers of brands worldwide to offer value through discounted vouchers. Discounted Vouchers are added on �Groupon’ website on daily basis to keep customer get maximum value from their purchases.

Last but not least, on QVC and other known teleshopping channels product actual review with its features is being shared with all their viewers. It leaves huge benefit and convenience at all its viewers and buyers end. With this, they understand and perceive about, what other people think about the similar product and understand its usability for their own self. Products are rated based on popularity with their SPM (Sales per Minute) figure when receiving airtime on TV.

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